Husky Wintery Floor Neutralizer

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Scientifically advanced floor neutralizer designed to thoroughly remove alkaline residue from resilient tile and other floor surfaces after stripping. Highly concentrated for economical use at 1/2–2 oz. per gallon. May also be utilized as part of an ice melt removal system.



 Formula Features

  • Highly Concentrated
  • Quickly Removes Calcium Chloride Residue
  • Versatile
  • Labor Savings

 Applications *Concentrated

(Dilute 1/2-2oz. per gal. of water)

  • Designed for neutralizing and conditioning floor surfaces after stripping.
  • For removing hard water deposits, alkaline detergent deposits and calcium chloride residue from concrete, quarry tile and other floor surfaces.

Areas Of Utilization

  • Floor Neutralization 
  • Ice melter removal from carpets
  • Ice melter removal from hard floors/surfaces
  • Hard water/alkaline buildup removal from carpet extractor jets/pumps
  • Hard water/alkaline buildup removal from auto scrubbers

Other Liquid / Aerosol Formula Categories

  • Restroom Care • Odor Control 
  • Industrial Care
  • Specialty Products 
  • Skin Care 
  • Health Care
  • Carpet Care

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